Christmas shopping with discounted gift cards

Christmas gift card

The Christmas shop is one event that is guaranteed to put your finances under pressure and it’s at just the time when you really want to be enjoying the festivities rather than worrying about the bank balance. So, when doing the Christmas shop whether it’s gifts, food or decorations for the tree, I’m always on the lookout for some extra savings, and discounted gift cards can be a great option.

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Buy discounted gift cards and save twice

I wouldn’t normally recommend buying gift cards as presents for loved ones as by doing so you will exchange money which is a guarantee of payment, for something which could very quickly become worthless if, for example the shop you bought it from goes bust. What I definitely do like to do is plan my shopping excursions and look for discounted gift cards online before I hit the high street.

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Abandoned shopping cart discounts – still waiting…

So, if you’re been following my experiment about abandoned shopping cart discounts, you will know about the rumour that online stores will email you a discount code if you walk away from a full shopping cart. In order to confirm this rumour I have been conducting an experiment with some of the top UK online retailers to see who offers a discount and how much you can get.

So how’s it going?

Well, we are three full days into the experiment now and I’m afraid to report that I have received the grand sum of… no emails offering discounts! I have received a very nice email from offering me £20 off my first spend over £299 so I can’t be too ungrateful but. I was hoping for a little more though, especially as Christmas is just around the corner and many frugal minded people will be getting started with their festive shops. That reminds me, be sure to check out my coverage of Martin Lewis’ Festive Forecaster.

Admittedly, the rumour does say it can take up to a week before you start to see the emails with discount codes included, just wanted to report back with an update half way through the experiment. 

Keep watching the page for updates and details of discounts.