Martin Lewis: 10 Things Your Kids Need To Know coming soon.

10 things your kids need to know will be a special, one off TV show from our favourite money saving expert, Martin Lewis.

Martin is taking a break from the live quick fire advice format, with his new TV special taking on the feel of a documentary. Although I’m sure there will be a smattering of tips on how to save money throughout the show, Martin Lewis will be traveling back to his home town in Cheshire and revisiting some of the important lessons he learned during his childhood and hopefully imparting that advice onto viewers – hence the name of the show, 10 things your kids should know.

Martin will be focusing the knowledge he has gained on parents rather than kids in the hope that they will pass it down to their offspring. Martin will outline what he feels parents should teach their kids about money and life matters to protect their futures. Imagine being a child again, would you be grateful for the advice of someone so successful? I know I would!

I’m sure you don’t need telling but Martin Lewis is self-made. He set up his website, in 2003 for a small sum of money and has since become extremely wealthy and influential, helping families with easy to follow money saving tips and advice.

Since 2016 Martin Lewis has been heavily involved in mental health and how money issues can have an impact on people who suffer from mental health. I’m certain that 10 things your kids need to know will feature heavily on mental health and general welfare issues which bring pain and difficulty to many families in the UK.

Martin has admitted that out of all of the TV shows he has done, 10 things your kids need to know has been his most challenging. Never has he been under the focus of the TV cameras for so long and never have they delved into his personal life so far. The story will be valuable enough, but add some hindsight from Martin Lewis himself and this show is one not to miss.

When is 10 things your kids need to know on TV?

Martin Lewis will be presenting his latest TV show on Tuesday 23 October 2018. It will be broadcast on ITV at 9:00pm.

2 Replies to “Martin Lewis: 10 Things Your Kids Need To Know coming soon.”

  1. Brillant idea. I work for TSB and go into schools to give talks so rewarding and needed. To help young adults understand how finance work. Love it.

    1. Yes, it’s a brilliant thing to do and so useful for young people and parents alike. To get an insight from someone like Martin at such a young age would be invaluable. Good on you for getting out there and engaging with the schools.

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