It’s going to be a gin soaked Christmas for 2018

Gin has seen a huge leap in popularity in recent years with lots of small, independant producers apearing on the scene as the big brands try to keep up with variations of their original offerings. So, it’s no surprise that come Christmas time, gin features prominantly on many shopping lists either as a Christmas gift, a drinks cabinet essential or even an adults only advent calendar!

As I think gin is going to be THE drink of Christmas for 2018 I thought I’d delve a little deeper and try to understand the novel ways we will be drinking it this festive season.

A look at Christmas gin related searches

Using Google Trends you can get an idea on what’s going to be hot for Christmas this year and gin appears as a breakout topic in second position behind searches for “Christmas party dresses 2018”. Even in October people are starting to think about how and where they can get their favourite tipple. A popular search term is “12 gins of Christmas b&M” which makes it pretty obvious what people are looking for. So, what are B&M offering? Read more about the 12 gins of Christmas from B&M here.

Gin advent calendars

So we’ve established that advent calendars with bottles of gin behind each window are going to be popular and a quick search to see what’s already on offer confirms there’s a demand. A search for “gin advent calendar 2018” confirms that it’s not only B&M but many other retailers including John Lewis, Not on the high street, and Amazon among others.

Gin baubles

Something for the upper parts of the Christmas tree perhaps are gin baubles – yes, that’s Christmas tree baubles filled with gin! Personally I can see the appeal of a gin advent calendar over hanging alcohol from your Christmas tree but, they do appear to be popular with lots of people already searching for them. The top related search on Google Trends is “Pickerings gin baubles” and not surprisingly, they do sell baubles filled with gin! I’ve posted about Pickering’s gin baubles here is you wish to read more about them.

Christmas gin

Another popular search term is “Christmas gin” which sounds rather general I thought, until I realised that you can buy a Christmas flavoured gin! Edinburgh Gin offer this intriguing drink which incorporates lots of the flavours associated with Christmas such as frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and nutmeg.

You can buy this great festive gin direct from Edinburgh gin for £35 for 70cl, it’s definately going on my shopping list. I’ve written more about Endinburgh’s Christmas Gin here.

Aldi have also launched a Christmas gin labeled “The infusionist” which is a gingerbread gin liquer costing £9.99 and features flavours of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and orange. You can even drink this gingerbread gin neat, over ice.

Check back here soon as I’ll be adding more Christmas gin trend as I find them!

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