Christmas shopping with discounted gift cards

Christmas gift card

The Christmas shop is one event that is guaranteed to put your finances under pressure and it’s at just the time when you really want to be enjoying the festivities rather than worrying about the bank balance. So, when doing the Christmas shop whether it’s gifts, food or decorations for the tree, I’m always on the lookout for some extra savings, and discounted gift cards can be a great option.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how you can accumulate some big savings using discounted gift cards and with a little planning, it’s a brilliant way to take grab some Christmas gift deals. 

Cheap Christmas gifts using discounted gift cards

As buying Christmas gifts requires a lot of planning – who are you buying for, what are you buying, how much are you spending on nieces and nephews… it’s the perfect time to look at what cards are available to help you get some extra savings.

Once you’ve planned who you’re buying for and what you’re buying, you will have a better idea of which shops you will be heading to and therefore, which discounted gift cards to buy.

Big value gift cards can get you big savings

There are some big savings available on cards with higher values, are currently offering 20% off River Island gift cards meaning a £200 card will only cost you £140, that’s a good saving if you know you have a number of Christmas gifts to buy from River Island, and that’s where the planning comes in!

Save even more on discounted items

As I’ve already mentioned here, you can make even more savings by purchasing products that are discounted or part of a sale. Martin Lewis presents a popular live TV show every year called the Festive Forecaster which aims to predict when all the big retailers will be running their Christmas sales and, with that information in mind you will know:

  • What you’re buying,
  • Where you’re buying it from,
  • When you’re buying it (based on festive forecaster prediction),
  • How much you’re spending and,
  • Which discounted gift cards to buy for big savings.

I hope that the tips above are helpful I’m looking forward to my Christmas shop this year where I’ll putting all of this into practice in the hope of some big savings.

One thing to remember when spending gift cards is always spend the whole value of the card, as you will not receive change for any under spend. That’s just how they work I’m afraid and why I have mentioned how planning is so important to get the most savings when buying your Christmas gifts.

Here are the two main discounted gift card traders to get you started.


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