Buy discounted gift cards and save twice

I wouldn’t normally recommend buying gift cards as presents for loved ones as by doing so you will exchange money which is a guarantee of payment, for something which could very quickly become worthless if, for example the shop you bought it from goes bust. What I definitely do like to do is plan my shopping excursions and look for discounted gift cards online before I hit the high street.

Give me an example of how I can save money with discounted gift cards

Ok, I might plan to visit B&Q to buy some tools for my bathroom renovation project.

A the time of writing are offering 10% off a £250 gift voucher meaning I pay just £225 for it. Now, when I arrive at B&Q with my discounted voucher card I can spend my £250 card and keep £25 in my pocket!

With a bit of planning you could make some serious savings over a year and it’s a great way of getting a discount when there are no offers or codes available.

That’s great, but you said I could save twice with a discounted gift card!

And yes, you can save twice. As mentioned above it’s all about the planning but you could accumulate some nice savings by using a discounted gift card on items that have been discounted in store.

Using my example above, I’ve been to my local B&Q and bought the following items to help with my bathroom project. I’ve been sure to buy products which have been discounted to maximise the accumulation of savings.

ProductOriginal priceDiscounted price Saving
Phaidros chrome spotlights£48£37£11
Dewalt XR cordless drill£87£75£12
Yato socket set£70£60£10
1/4″ sockets£20£17£3
Irwin quick grip£17.92£16£1.92
Magnusson toolset£60£45£15
Plus discounted gift card saving£25
Total saving with discounted gift card£77.92

So you can see from the example above that with my initial £225 gift card spend, I’ve been able to buy over £300 worth of tools making a total saving of £77.92 in the process.

Accumulating savings like this is a great way to more for your money at times when finances might be a bit stretched like when Christmas gift shopping.

Don’t forget! Be sure to spend the value of your discount card

The one thing to remember is to spend at least the total value of your gift card. Any spending under the value of your gift card will eat into your savings, so plan before you shop!

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